The Best Book Publishing Companies in Florida

Book Publishing Companies

There are so many unread words that have the power to change lives. But merely writing the book is not enough. You would have written the greatest book and your friends and peers might be appreciative of it. The next challenge is to get it published. We want to make the task of publishing easier for you. Hence, we have jotted down the list of the best publishing companies in Florida that are doing a great job at publishing diverse content.

Indigo River Publishing

Among the publishing houses in Florida, this is the most game-changing one. They are working hard towards merging digital and print and they deal with vast genres like crime, self-help, fiction, and whatnot. What’s great to note about Indigo River is their focus on publishing first-time authors. Just send them your manuscripts and see the places it might take you to. With that said it took an extensive renovation to realize their vision and they couldn’t have done it without using the best Naples dumpster rental company.

TriMark press

TriMark press

This publishing house publishes children’s books, fiction, finance, and graphic novels too. You choose subject matter experts to write certain topics and cater to the audience that is searching for specificity. Did you know that Robert Brown was published by them?

Legacy Book Publishing

They have been an inspiration when it comes to publishing works. Many aspiring authors look to shaking hands with them as they accept manuscripts from a range of genres.

Pineapple Press

Pineapple Press

They have created a niche for themselves in the industry. The stories that they publish are mind-blowingly powerful. They also offer some great coffee table books as well. For your information, they do not print fiction. If what you have written is a work of fiction, you may opt for another press.

Burrow Press

These guys are so selective that only four books are published by them in a year. Though they are not open to manuscript submissions, you may send over to them your poetry and research about the guidelines online.

The Peppertree Press

They have given their encouraging hand to various aspiring authors. But remember that it is a self-publishing company. It only means that they would charge you for printing the books and their various other services.

Atlantic publishing group

This is another self-publishing company that even helps you market the book. If you choose your book, they would ask you to be the face of the book.

Breezeway Books

Breezeway Books

They give the authors creative autonomy in their book. Whatever genre it is that you may write, they would let you know the quality of your project and suggest you the changes for you to meet your market.


By choosing these publishing companies, you can kickstart your writing career. If you get rejected from a publishing house, don’t let it hold you back. There is a right publishing house that would acknowledge your perseverance and help take it to the peaks.

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