"Survivor" Idea Fair Offers Huge Cash Prizes!
You want a shot at winning these awesome prizes?

3rd Place - $500
2nd Place - $750
1st Place - $1,000

You've got to enter to win! So put on your "thinking buff" and submit the winning idea - one that has made money for your company!

Here's how the Super Survivor Idea Fair will work:

• You must enter no later than Friday, September 7th, by emailing the official entry form (ATTACHED BELOW) to: CPFDisplayAds@aol.com. You will receive a reply email that your entry was received.

• IMPORTANT NOTE: There are only 12 spots available! The first 12 correctly-completed entries will be accepted. Any additional entries MAY be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and presented at the conference if time permits.

• Your idea must be fully developed before your entry is submitted. Handouts are required, and a copy of the handout must be submitted with your entry form. Bring 40 copies of your handout to the conference IN A SEALED ENVELOPE for distribution at the end of the Super Survivor Idea Fair. Give the envelope to Barbara Holmes upon check-in.

• A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 SECRET questions and answers about your presentation must be submitted on the entry form. These will be used to play the Survivor game.

• All entrants whose idea is accepted for presentation will be notified by email.

• You will have 3 minutes to make your presentation.

• A running tally of the number of entries received and accepted will be kept on the CPF website at www.communitypapersofflorida.com.

You've got a 1-in-12 shot of winning $1,000 so what are you waiting for? That's better odds than on Survivor!


Super Survivor Idea Fair Entry Form


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