May 2019

Conference Plans at a Glance!

The conference committee has been hard at work, meeting each week to plan the upcoming Florida Media Association conference in St. Pete Beach. We're excited to finally be able to share some of the details with you!The newly renovated Sirata will be our base of operations. Our meetings and meals will be held in the beautiful Royal Palm Ballroom on the 8th floor. With windows on three sides, it... + Read More

All Things Conference!

Content Strategy Panel: What is content strategy and why do you need it? Content Strategy is the development, planning, creation, delivery and management of useful, usable, meaningful, cohesive, engaging and sustainable content that attracts your target customers. In other words, Content Strategy is getting the right content to the right people at the right time. Friday's Content Strategy... + Read More

The 2019 Conference Venue

The Sirata Beach Resort features the newest rooms available on St. Pete Beach! The entire hotel underwent a $15 million transformation in 2018, so we will be one of the first to experience the new accommodations.With three beachfront pools, sparkling white sand beaches, beachfront fire pits, a fitness center and, of course, the warm Gulf of Mexico waters, you won't have any trouble... + Read More

Are you taking full advantage of your audit?

Did you know that a basic web survey study, including two personalized questions, is available to you as part of your standard CVC audit?When you indicate an interest in proceeding with a web survey study, I will send you an online survey link template that contains 30 standard questions. The highly-customizable study is designed to be promoted across multiple media platforms. You may eliminate... + Read More

The "News Guru" Speaks: 2019 Publishers Survey Offers Insights to Industry Future

I was excited about the opportunity to speak to the publishers of New York recently at the NYPA Spring Convention. Let's face it, New Yorkers take their newspapers seriously, and the NYPA convention is always special.I spoke on eight topics over two days while in New York, but it was the second session that drew the biggest crowd. The room was packed to hear me speak on the topic,... + Read More

Sales Training: The Power of Repetition. The Power of Repetition. The Power of...

Catherine climbed the ranks from sales person to sales manager at her paper. "Although I've been in the business for a long time," she told me, "there's always a new way to look at advertising." She mentioned a recent trip to a fast food restaurant. "I was between meetings in a nearby town and needed a quick lunch. So I dropped by McDonalds. It had been over a... + Read More

Sales Talk by Bob: Selling Ad Campaigns is Hard Work

These must seem like the roughest of times for advertising salespeople, with so much talk about the status of newspapers in the media mix. But one thing advertising salespeople must keep in mind is that for all their troubles, newspapers are seen by media buyers as a vital part of the media mix in any community. Media buyers would like to see newspapers rebound and reinvent themselves. Ad... + Read More

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