2017 State of the Association
For years, the Community Papers of Florida's flush finances were the result of its booming classified network. However, this revenue has decreased dramatically each year since 2009.

Prior to 2009, the association was on a roll with income as high as $29,000 per week. Now we are down to less than $2,000 and only a few of our members continue to sell classified ads. On top of the list of sellers, we thank The Flyer and Tower Publications.

The board of directors has tried numerous changes to the classified network, including lowering classified rates, breaking up the network into zone buys and offering numerous commissions to the reps who sell the ads.

The reality is that classified revenue in the print business is not now, and may never be, what it used to be.

In recent years the board of directors has made dramatic cuts in the CPF budget. The board has cut payroll, conference costs, scholarship awards, legal fees and travel. It has cut CVC audits from annually to biannually.

The good news is that during the times of good revenue, the association made investments that continue to carry the financial needs of the association. Despite spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on membership benefits the past eight years, we still have a net worth of over $300,000 dollars. That amount will decrease when we pay this year's conferences costs.

CPF continues to pay the majority of the costs for members to attend the annual conference. The room and food costs add up to over $350 per person, but your cost to attend is just $59.50 per night.

Without increased classified sales or another source of revenue, the future of the association is in the hands of the board of directors. We have a difficult task ahead.

Thank you for attending.


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