The Best of the Best
Are you willing to GAMBLE on your sales skill? Because with this NEW TWIST to the Classified Ad Contest from CPF, how much of the pot you earn is up to you!

There are still 3 ways to win, so jump in and participate:

* Sell a NEW customer (one who hasn't run in at least 6 months), and receive instant gratification in the form of a $50 bonus mailed to you within 24 hours of the ad being placed.

* Sell any ENHANCEMENT with an ad, and win 20% of the enhancement(s) sold! The enhancement bonuses are paid monthly.

* Earn POINTS for each ad and enhancement sold. The top 5 reps with the most points at the end of the quarter will receive a percentage of the prize money equal to the percentage of the points they earned for the quarter!

So YOU could win a portion of that money just by selling CPF classified ads!

Current Points Contest
The current contest runs from April 5 through June 28, 2017.

A flyer with the contest rules is attached below, as is a flyer with the current month's point standings. Good luck!


Rules for 2nd Quarter Classified Contest
Contest Points Through 6/21/17


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